Andrew Klavan Nails It! : The Debate is Over

Saving an Icon

The wrecking ball is poised to demolish the iconic Willow Run plant in Michigan, which produced not only bombers for World War II, but also inspired the iconic symbol of female empowerment and American wartime unity, “Rosie the Riveter.” But then again, this is Obama’s America… [Historic Video]


Jerrod Niemann Establishes Music Charity

Jerrod Niemann unveiled his new nonprofit charity, Free The Music USA (FTMUSA), which is dedicated to collecting used instruments and giving them to children in need. Born out of his belief that every child deserves the opportunity to explore music, Jerrod set out to help place instruments in the hands of children who could not […]


The Tragedy Of Earth Day


Today, April 22 is Earth Day. Although the original intent of the movement was to curtail out of control poisoning of our environment, “the bureaucracy that was created to fix the environment cannot help but look for new problems that demand solutions, even if the problems are slight and the solutions draconian.”