From The RUFF ROCK stylings of 20 lb SLEDGE slam like Sonic Body Blows with sophisticated yet steady beefy rhythms marinated in juicy melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of sharp toothed defense of faith and patriotism, with flows sweet like freedom and the grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics bridge the generations from snotty teens to old farts without relying on nasty language.


20 lb SLEDGE is a Hard Rock music project in Southern California founded by AlfonZo Rachel in 2005.

20 lb SLEDGE surfaced after a long search for players in 2012 with Eli Chatman; an assistant pastor from SLAUGHTER HOUSE MINISTRIES as the Frontman, Kem Wade from BLACK LOTUS on bass, Shawn Taylor on guitar, and AlfonZo Rachel who also played drums and rotated on guitar and bass for the GARY GRAHAM BAND (Gary Graham form the T.V. Shows ALIENATION and STAR TREK)

AlfonZo also filled in on drums for THE ARMY YOU HAVE. AlfonZo is so far best known for his social political commentaries called ZoNation featured on PJTV which he started doing under his production moniker, Macho Sauce Productions which also produces 20 lb SLEDGE.

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