Let The Power Of Millennials Work In Your Favor!

Millennials are one of the most powerful buying forces on the planet. At 79 million strong, most armed with multiple major credit cards at the ready, they are a force to be reckoned with.

But did you know they can also send buyers to you if you play your cards right?

Imagine the power of millennials all over the world talking about your brand. Recommending your brand. Putting your brand on the map.

Want to know how it’s done? Here are five tips from Entrepreneur.

Millennials don’t trust online advertising. As members of group that grew up in times of turmoil, millennials tend to distrust institutions, including corporations. Just 6 percent of the millennials who participated in a 2013 survey by my company, Social Chorus, said they find online advertisements credible…

If you want to make headway selling to this generation, stop looking like a big corporation and start looking and talking like their best friend.

Millennials trust their friends. Ninety-one percent of millennials surveyed by SocialChorus said they would consider buying a product if a friend recommended it. This illustrates golden opportunity for companies to market with millennials rather than to them…

If you have millennial customers now reach out to them on social media and ask for their feedback. While millennials won’t give old-fashioned “testimonials” they will share what they love and why. Make sure the thing they love is your product.

Gen Yers use social media-based feedback. User-generated content is a primary source of information for millennial customers who are considering a purchase. To maximize your company’s return on investment, make sure you provide an easy way for customers to share their thoughts about your product and services and provide feedback…

The water cooler is out. Texting still matters but is so … 2006. Today’s generation uses and loves social media the way baby boomers used and loved their fax machines. (Remember those?)

To get into the millennial mindset, your business needs to do more than be on social media. It needs to live on social media.

Millennials like to share entertaining content. One of the best ways to get millennials involved with your company’s is to provide valuable, entertaining content…

As often happens in the world the nature of entertainment has changed. For them entertainment is less about going to the movies or having a “date night” than it is enjoying a running joke with friends on social. Especially if there is some snark to be had.

Connect with millennials in this way and they will consider you a friend, not someone trying to sell them something.

Millennials tend to be suspicious of companies’ motives unless they are reassured by an open and transparent approach. Gain their trust, and you’ll capture their business…
– via Entrepreneur

And finally, there is the honesty thing. This group grew up in an unsure time. The world got smaller, and more dangerous when they were but pre-teens. So they value openness much more than previous generations.

Make your marketing messages open and transparent and you will win their hearts and minds.

Millennials are a customer group you can’t afford to ignore, nor should you want to. Once they begin to know and trust you they will become brand evangelists of the highest order, and do so willingly.

And that is promotion power no money can buy.

Are you currently marketing to millennials? Which methods work best for you to reach them and meet their needs? Please comment below.

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