Here are 25 steps to take you from the starting block to a profitable membership website business continuity program. Lets get started.

A Membership Website – 25 Steps to a New Business Continuity Program
By Erica Joneson

Here are 25 steps to take you from the starting block to a profitable membership website business continuity program. Lets get started.

1. Choose and clearly define a very specific niche market.

2. Select ten keywords that people use when looking for the benefits that you provide online. Choose words that have a high number of searches each month compared to the level of competition. Tip: start with long-tail (keyword phrases)

3. Pick out and purchase a domain name to use for your squeeze page.

4. Subscribe to a hosting service.

5. Sign up for an e-mail service provider to help you manage the e-mails you will be sending to new prospects.

6. Build a beneficial information product that you can give to your new prospects for free to build trust and earn their contact information.

7. Build a squeeze page to collect contact information from prospects or hire someone to do it for you.

8. Offer your free gift to prospects and collect their contact information.

9. Cultivate a relationship with your prospects by continuing to provide them with valuable content.

10. Decide how you will create your password website, from a pre-written script or a customized template from your web designer.

11. Learn how to manage your own membership website content.

12. Create a blueprint of your brain. Start with an outline, and write down everything your potential client would have to do to get from where they are to where they want to be, then fill in the details.

13. Decide what sections you will have in you members only website. For example: marketing, client service techniques, employee training etc..

14. Begin writing content for you members only website.

15. Dramatically increase the volume and convenience of your content by delivering it through different mediums (audio, video, graphics).

16. Determine what regular updates you will provide.

17. Decide if you will offer any additional products or services with the membership website.

18. Select a pricing strategy and structure.

19. Create a iron clad 100% money back guarantee program.

20. Decide if you can offer a free, or reduced rate trial membership to entice new members.

21. Promote your new membership website to your existing lead list.

22. Launch a referral program so existing clients can bring you new ones

23. Create an entry-level product if you don’t already have one to give timid buyers a stepping-stone before committing to a subscription service.

24. Focus on marketing again, and employ a new method to bring in additional leads (repeat). Smile as you watch your memberships multiply and your workload minimize.

25. Enjoy the excellent income generated by a business continuity program.

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