Band of Love is a hard rock quartet from Nashville with an “un-Hollywood-like love of God, country, and family”, and fed up with today’s popular culture. Lead vocalist Nathan Harden also editor of The College Fix describes the band as “All the Rock music you want, without the orgies or the overdoses.”

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Take a listen. We hope you’ll find our sound refreshingly different. We’re dialing back the clock to the days when recording songs didn’t depend exclusively on the magic of computer software programs to make people sound better than they really are. For us, it’s about getting in a room, turning the dials up, and hitting the record button. What you hear is what was actually played in the studio. Yes, I told you, my bandmates are that good.

Lyrically, this record was inspired by many young people I’ve met who are fed up with today’s popular culture that tries to make them feel lame, un-cool, and irrelevant simply because they happen to have good values. Turns out, not everyone thinks that selling your body and soul to the sleaze machine that constitutes today’s mainstream Hollywood-corporate alliance is all that cool anyway.

Are you different? Do you have an un-Hollywood-like love of God, country, and family? Well, in that case, welcome to the new counterculture. We’re with you all the way. And even if you don’t love all or any of those things– well, you’re welcome here just the same. Just don’t look for us to hire a bunch of strippers for our music videos in order to win your attention, because it ain’t gonna happen.

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