Decyfer Down was originally formed in 1999 as Allysonhymn by guitarist Brandon Mills and drummer Josh Oliver. Formerly an acoustic outfit, the group eventually switched to a more rock-oriented sound. Josh Oliver’s brother Caleb Oliver joined the band later that year as a bass player and vocalist. In 2002 guitarist Christopher Clonts joined, cementing their sound. The band changed their name to Decyfer, then began writing and touring heavily. from the Decyfer Down Wikipedia page:

They have toured with artists such as Puddle of Mudd, Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade and Adema. The band has shared the stage with acts such as Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Day of Fire, The Showdown, Skillet, Disciple, Hawk Nelson, and many more.[2] In 2008, Caleb, appeared with Skillet on their “Comatose Comes Alive” tour. On the song “Those Nights” he played the bass.

On July 7, 2008 Decyfer Down’s released the lead single off their upcoming album; “Crash” to radio. “Crash” went on to peak at the No. 1 spot on the Christian Rock charts and No. 20 on the end of year charts.[4] The song was also used to promote the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match at WrestleMania XXV. In support of their upcoming album the band released a 3 song EP to iTunes on September 30. The EP contained “Crash” as well as two other new songs entitled “Best I Can” and “Now I’m Alive”.

The band announced in September 2008, that original lead singer/bassist Caleb Oliver (brother of drummer Josh) had left the band. T.J. Harris formerly of Fighting Instinct joined a few weeks later. On February 3, the second single “Fading” was released. Fading peaked at No. 1 on the Christian Rock Charts, making it their second No. 1 single from their new album and sixth consecutive No. 1 single. It is their first official public studio recording TJ Harris. On February 17, the band released an updated EP with TJ’s vocals, containing the songs “Crash”, “Fading”, and “Moving On”.

On May 5, 2009 Decyfer Down’s second studio album, “Crash” was released. It debuted at No. 66 on the Billboard 200 in its first week, selling nearly 9,000 copies. It stayed in the Billboard 200 for three weeks, dropping to No. 128 and then to No. 181 before falling off the chart.[5] Drummer Josh Oliver stated in an interview in July that the record had sold upwards of 30,000 copies in 3 months.

On December 3, 2009 it was announced on their official site that Crash had been nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel album of the year. Decyfer Down did not win the Grammy in 2009 (award going to Third Day) but being nominated was a huge success to the band.

n March 2010, the band announced that they had begun writing for a 3rd album. In September 2010, the band posted a short video of them in the studio, working on a new song. In June 2013, the band announced their new album would be titled “Scarecrow” and would be released on August 27, 2013. The album arrived and continued the radio-friendly format of accessible hard rock. The riffs and songwriting are a bit heavier and more aggressive than heard on previous outings and a tighter band cohesiveness is evident. Highlights include the title track as well as the fantastic “Westboro”.

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