Will Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Be Seen In Jury Trial?

David Daleiden faced indictment before a Texas Grand Jury in Houston for charges against him concerning videos he made exposing the Planned Parenthood practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies. The charges against him surround the techniques he and his associate Sandra Merrit used to disguise their identities and their pretense to be in the market to buy organs from Planned Parenthood.

While they could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted for what are common journalistic practices, the Harris County Grand Jury cleared Planned Parenthood of all wrongdoing. They were cleared even though the Planned Parenthood official can be seen in the video discussing their practices. Here is more on this case…

The creator of the series of videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s apparent practices of selling the body parts of aborted babies turned himself in to law enforcement officials in Houston.

With some pro-life supporters cheering him on outside, David Daleiden presented himself for fingerprinting following his indictment by a Harris County grand jury in what two pro-choice law professors have called a “stunning act of legal jujitsu.”

In the shocking turn of events, Daleiden – director of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – and his colleague Sandra Merrit were both indicted while Planned Parenthood was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Merrit turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday and posted $2,000 in bail, reports Lifesite News.

National pro-life leaders planned to present more than 100,000 signatures calling on District Attorney Devon Anderson to drop the charges against the journalists. Anderson has faced prior allegations of bias, as the Associated Press reported.

Prior to turning himself in, Daleiden thanked his supporters.

“I think we all know that every day that goes by – that the Texas authorities do not prosecute Planned Parenthood for their illegal trade in baby parts – they are sending a message to the entire country that the state of Texas right now is open for business in baby body parts. But by your presence here today, you are all sending…a stronger message that the children of Texas and the children of Houston and their body parts are not for sale. ”

“I firmly believe that if we stay the course and stay together, we can bring about a day when there is no longer a price tag put on human life,” Daleiden concluded.
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What The Latest Video Revealed

The latest video released by The Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden’s group, early this year shows more shocking discussion by Planned Parenthood officials about their invoicing practices and accounting tricks allowing them to profit from the sale of the body parts of aborted babies.

The question remains: will justice be found for the innocent lives that were wiped out for profit? Or will journalists in the United States go to jail for bringing this practice to light?

Will the public stand up and speak for life or will they remain silent and allow this horrific practice to continue unimpeded?

Daleiden’s group released its latest hidden-camera video, shot in April at a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston, two days before his appearance in the same city to respond to his indictment by a grand jury.

In the new video, an official of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (Farrell) appears to admit that Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue.

“The tactics [Daleiden] used are no different than Mike Wallace and other investigative journalists have been using … for many years,” Daleiden’s lawyer Jared Woodfill told reporters.  “Using the logic applied by Harris County’s DA office, every reporter on ‘20/20’ is guilty,” he added.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson pursued the case.

“David is a modern-day hero, he has exposed the wrongdoing that’s been occurring at abortion clinics all across this country. And the fact that he is here today is a miscarriage of justice … We are hopeful that this DA will go after the real wrongdoer, Planned Parenthood,” Woodfill said.

Daleiden and Merritt posed as representatives of Biomax Procurement Services, a phony biomedical research company. During the hidden-camera conversations, Farrell describes the Planned Parenthood invoice system for procuring body parts and other fetal tissue from aborted babies.

The Center for Medical Progress said it recently obtained Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast invoices matching Farrell’s description through a Texas Public Information Act request.

The Center for Medical Progress contends such a transaction is illegal under state law—Texas Penal Code 48.02—that prohibits the exchange of human organs for “valuable consideration.” “Whether the ‘consent fee’ for fetal tissue is $25 or $150, it is completely outside the letter and spirit of Texas Penal Code 48.02,” Daleiden’s group said in a statement. – via The Daily Signal

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