Working on a different story, San Fancisco Bay Area KRON4’s Stanley Roberts found a homeless man rummaging through garbage.  Turned out to be Marcus Malone from the originals 60s Santana Blues band! [MUST SEE VIDEO!]
From KRON4 – By Mario Sevilla
Excerpts from KRON4:

While filming a segment for People Behaving Badly about illegal dumping in an Oakland neighborhood on Dec. 9, KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts spoke with a homeless man found rummaging for valuables.

The man, who identified himself as Marcus Malone, told Stanley that he was a landscaper and a music composer. He also revealed his connection to a Bay Area music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Carlos Santana.

“At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana blues band,” Marcus said. “Now I’m homeless and on the streets.”

Marcus lost contact with Carlos after he was sent to prison in 1969 shortly before Santana performed at Woodstock.

As a result, his music career faded into obscurity, meanwhile, Carlos’ sound started to skyrocket.

Since his release from San Quentin, Marcus has been struggling to survive. He lives on the streets in Oakland and scrambles to find work.

Carlos watched the PBB segment then journeyed from his home in the North Bay to Pearmain Street in Oakland numerous times to find his friend but was unsuccessful.

On Dec. 20, Stanley was called on to help Carlos find his friend — and, within minutes, Marcus and Carlos were reunited.

Segment from KRON4:
Raw Video of Reunion

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