Marketing Tips From Successful Millennials.

Who would better know how to reach this latest generation than members of their own tribe?

In the excerpt below we see an informative discussion between Post Planner and several successful young people with insights about marketing to their generation.

The millennials were born between the early ’80s and ’00s and are the most technologically sophisticated generation in history.
Some can’t remember the world without the Internet… or even Facebook!

Social media is second nature & millennials are very comfortable building relationships online, which makes them very difficult to dupe. To woo a millennial a company must seem real.

The marketing must be authentic & millennials must connect with your product in a genuine way.

Tall order, right? Where do you even begin? Facebook? Instagram? Google+?

Before you rush out & join the latest social media website with hopes of attracting legions of young people to your brand, first get inside the head of the millennial:

    • What do they value?
    • What do they buy?
    • What do they want in the future?

These & other questions should be answered if you want to market to millennials in a meaningful way.

Recently, key members of this generation were asked these very questions. Here, in part, are their answers. Reading and absorbing them will give you deep insight into how to market to this savvy group.


Sierra Blair-Coyle — Professional Rock Climber

Should businesses try to connect with & market to millennials?

Businesses should absolutely try to connect with and market to millennials. Millennials are a huge market and extremely connected through technology and social media. Not marketing to millennials is missing a key piece of the market.

What’s your best advice for businesses trying to connect with millennials?

My advice for businesses trying to connect in a meaningful way with millennials is to make the marketed content interesting. People tend to like instant gratification, so content needs to be short and catch the viewer’s interest. Content must literally stick in the viewer’s head.

Favorite Millennial

My favorite millennial is Beyoncé. She is awesome.

And next we meet …


Carson Ward — Online Marketing Manager Clearlink

Should businesses try to connect with & market to millennials?

Businesses absolutely need to connect with millennials to survive. Many companies have been laser-focused on tapping the buying power of baby boomers.
Those who have neglected the younger generation are now struggling – and sometimes embarrassing themselves – to connect with a generation that is skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing tactics.

Unlike the smaller Gen X, millennials are a huge group that can’t be ignored. They’re the “echo” of the baby boom, and many of them are now moving into profitable careers with disposable income. We need to realize that millennials will reshape markets in their image within the next 10 years.

We would also be wise to understand that they are very different consumers than their parents.

What’s your best advice for businesses trying to connect with millennials?

Millennials weren’t raised by parents who lived through the depression. They grew up with quick and convenient access to the Internet, which has fundamentally changed the way they make buying decisions online and offline.

Customers are now experts and researching online and seeking feedback from friends on IM, chat, Facebook, etc. Convenient access to information in the hands of skilled users has changed the game forever.

The one-touch sale is dead.

If you’re trying to sell to someone who’s never heard of your product or service, you can safely bet your customer will close the door, turn the page, or click the back button. First engagements should instead be about building interest with millennials who can then research your product further.

Be funny, be helpful, or be gone. Users might not be able to close a browser tab in every channel, but they do close a “mental tab” of attention if you’re not immediately interesting.

Get to the point, drop the intro music, and make your case while making them laugh.

Favorite Millennial

Like all millennials, my favorite millennial is me.



Erin Lowry — Founder Broke Millennial

Should businesses try to connect with & market to millennials?

Absolutely businesses should be trying to connect and market to millennials. We’re beginning or freshly established in our careers, therefore our earning potential is steadily increasing. Our shopping habits and preferences are far different from generations prior (thank you Internet), so it’s a different landscape for businesses.

What’s your best advice for businesses trying to connect with millennials?

Have an online presence and a way for people to reach your customer service quickly and efficiently. The rise of social media is a gift to companies for earning and retaining customers. If a company has great customer service, I’m far more likely to keep giving them my business.

Favorite Millennial

Anyone who helps prove millennials aren’t just over-indulged, participation trophy winners who can’t survive without the Bank of Mom and Dad. -via PostPlanner

What these experts teach us is this – they want to buy from us but do not want to be sold. So let them buy, their way, and harness the power of 80 million people with money to spend and strong opinions to boot.

Has your business begun to market to this engaged generation? How will you begin?

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