Krista’s career was boosted by the release of her new single, “I Am America.” The music video has become a youtube sensation and has sparked interest in booking Krista for rallies and concerts around the nation. Krista Branch will be releasing a new album in 2014. 

Excerpts from Krista Branch’s official website:

Krista Branch spent her childhood in Texas, a very driven young lady with only one dream in her heart, to sing. Although she was very shy in nature, she took every opportunity she could. Whether it be at church, school or a public event, Krista sang her heart out. To her singing wasn’t a hobby or something she just enjoyed doing. There was a sense of purpose to it, as if it was the very thing she was born to do. She believed that somehow God would allow her to use her talent to change hearts, and give hope to those who are desperate for it.

It started with a song her husband Michael wrote expressing his discontent with those who abuse their power for personal or political gain. Krista recorded the song, they produced a music video and uploaded it to Youtube. Nothing prepared them for the whirlwind that would follow. The video went viral and Krista began to travel and perform all over the Country. Her singles “I Am America” and “Remember Who We Are” were chosen as campaign theme songs by two different 2012 Presidential candidates.

The sudden success opened doors of opportunity in Nashville, Tennessee. Krista and her family moved to that area in 2010. After three years of searching for the right songs and writing new songs, they are ready to begin production.

Her message is one of hope and peace in a world that is often difficult to understand. Krista Branch is one of the few artists who have had the courage to sing about things that most entertainers will not touch. Over the last few years she has learned that there are so many people starving for an entertainer who will voice the things they care so deeply about. She is committed to release songs that will hopefully continue to make a difference.

This project will be creative and relevant. It will combine powerful lyrics with interesting and unique musical depth.

Krista believes the best way to share her project would be to give those who love her music the chance to invest. You have the opportunity to play a role in Krista’s story, as we hope her music will play a role in yours.

She is truly honored to have your support.

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