The successful entrepreneur is a ‘unique’ breed insofar as to their ability to stay motivated even when working alone! Read on to discover 3 common reasons that motivate entrepreneurs to take action and stay motivated until all their goals are reached!

The successful entrepreneur is a ‘unique’ breed insofar as to their ability to stay motivated even when working alone! Obviously without having the constant support of others, which is typically the case for entrepreneurs working alone, there needs to be some very strong motivational factors involved!

Here are 3 common factors that ‘encourage’ the typical entrepreneur to take action and also stay motivated until they’ve reach their goals!


One of the most powerful motivational factors anybody can use to become successful is their own personal interest! Whenever you have a person who is passionate about what they do, you also have someone who is easily able to stay motivated as a result! This is especially critical for anybody working alone since they tend to stay driven by their passion simply because the work they do seems more like a hobby or play! The ‘dread’ factor does not exist therefore entrepreneurs spend more time at their work, and due to their personal interest, their efforts are of a better quality!


Money or any type of income is always something that keeps people motivated simply because it is part of the barter system of most cultures! Having said that your typical entrepreneur is normally able to stay motivated by the prospects of any opportunity that shows a good potential to make money! The fact of the matter is that the more income potential an opportunity may show, the stronger the motivation for entrepreneurs!

Independence (Freedom)

Whether it is financial freedom, more spare time or to simply escape the ‘rat race’ people working alone have more control in these areas! Any or even all 3 of these reasons are strong enough motivational factors that can easily compel people to take action towards achieving any of these goals! Consider some of the most common ‘gripes’ many may have about their own lives! In the vast majority of cases you’ll usually find a lack of one of these freedoms as a source of discontentment!

The successful entrepreneur seems to have it all in terms of working alone and therefore being able to call their own shots! On the other hand how do these people stay motivated or for that matter where do they even find the motivation to do what they do? Our discussion above focuses on 3 very common yet strong motivational factors people working alone use to help them stay motivated until they’ve achieve their goals! If any of these factors motivates you then perhaps working alone as an entrepreneur may be in your calling!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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