Phelim McAleer of FrackNation produced a film reenacting the shooting of Michael Brown by officer Wilson using actual testimony from grand jury proceedings.

In what has been called “Verbatim Theater”, the film was recently released on Youtube, and as could be predicted, the Hands Up Don’t Shoot crowd is quite pissed since it doesn’t fit their false claims of what actually happened.

Click the graphic above to watch the video, and then get the full story at:

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One Response

  1. Andrew Worrell

    I love it as the BLM people are protesting about how Black Lives Matter and who are they protesting to? Whites! And they are protesting why? They want Whites to help them! And wait the black family’s teach there kids to hate white people, Hate cops, Not to conform to society but they cant understand why they are being left behind for jobs, opportunity’s, and not being excepted into the white world! LOL Well they do not want to join the norms of everyday living! So blame the white man for the way you chose to live your life good luck with that BLM!