“If voter ID laws are to explain for low Democrat turnout, it has to mean that the fraud and cheating has been nipped in the bud. To the Democrat Party, that’s a scandal!”

How Are Voter ID Laws Affecting Democratic Voter Turnout?

According to Huffington Post, Democratic voter turnout was 285 percent worse in states with new voter id laws. They based that number on the fact that in the first 16 states to hold primaries this year, Democratic voter turnout was down 37 percent in the 8 states that had new voter id laws and only 13 percent down in the states that did not. Overall Democratic turnout was down 29%.

For years conservatives have pushed for voter id laws, which are common in most other countries, and Democrats have pushed as hard to prevent states from enacting these laws. Common sense would say that of course a state has the right, even the obligation to be sure a voter who comes into a poll to cast a ballot actually is the person they say they are. However, Democrats claimed that having a legal state id, even if the state offered to issue it at no charge, was too heavy a burden for many voters.

Never mind that this type of identification is necessary for every day transactions in every state and has been for many years.

Below take a look at Rush Limbaugh’s take on what these numbers really mean about voter id and voter turnout.

It’s not good for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. “As voting rights advocates predicted loud and often, new voter ID laws seem to be hitting Democrats harder than Republicans. GOP voter turnout in this year’s presidential race is up 62% relative to 2008… But Democratic voter turnout is down by 29%…”  Do you realize what that range adds to up?  That adds up to 89% differential in voter turnout.  “Evidence suggests that new voting restrictions are at least a contributing factor. Eight out of the 16 states that have held primaries or caucuses so far have implemented new voter ID or other restrictive voting laws since 2010.”

See?  You know what really is happening here?  I’m sure you could figure this out.  If voter ID laws are to explain for low Democrat turnout, it has to mean that the fraud and cheating has been nipped in the bud.  That’s all it can mean.  All voter ID laws do is identify the voter and confirm the voter is who he says he is.  That’s all it is.  Now, to the Democrat Party, that’s a scandal.  To the Democrat Party, that is something that they opposed. Photo IDs, official IDs of any kind, they fought them. They’ve gone to court over them.  Why?…
– via Rush Limbaugh

Are these new voter numbers to suggest that there are 285 percent of Democratic voters who have been living their lives year in and year out without any form of state id? And that getting a state id, for which states have gone to lengths to remove any barrier, was too great a burden for all 285 percent of Democrats? Interesting that in those same states Republican turnout was up around 62%.

…And yet they have gone to the end of the earth to try to stop these, and there can only be one reason why, and that is because they know they have been getting away with people voting multiple times, and they can’t get away with that with voter ID requirements or laws, and the end result is that we find out there really are fewer Democrat voters than we have been led to believe by virtue of election results for years.  There is no intellectual reason to oppose voter ID laws, when you have to have an ID for virtually everything else. You can’t get on an airplane, for example.
– via Rush Limbaugh

Rush calls ‘em like he sees ‘em! Voter ID laws seem to be clarifying who really does have a right to vote in each state. Let’s hope in this election every vote is a legal vote!

What do you think of Voter ID laws? Do you think they protect against fraud or are an undue burden?

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